Terms & Conditions

VIJZ offers a total of three different services: the ‘one-of-one’-service, the release-service and a collaboration-service.

A ‘one-of-one’ is a service where exclusivity is guaranteed by not limiting the possibilities with regard to the design and material of a shoe. Hereby we work together with the customer to come up with a design that meets his or her wishes. When the customer proceeds to place a "one-of-one" order with VIJZ, we offer the possibility to come together in the VIJZ studio and work out the design together. After placing an order, the customer will be contacted, and a template and materials overview will be sent so the customer can think about the design in advance. A time frame of a maximum of 1.5 hours is taken for the visit to the VIJZ studio

VIJZ only provides a "custom-made service". This means the ‘one-of-one’-service are including materials but are excluding a pair of donor shoes. A donor shoe is a new pair of shoes that the customer must purchase and deliver so that we can use the soles and patterns for its production. A "one-of-one" shoe is assured of 100% exclusivity and can therefore not be made again. For requests for a "one-of-one" product, contact can be made via info.vijz@gmail.com or via the contact form.

VIJZ regularly launches an exclusive pair of shoes in a very limited edition. These releases are announced via Instagram and Facebook and can be ordered on the announced date at the webshop on www.vijzbespokes.com. We work on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis with every release. This means that successive orders can lead to a sold-out product. There cannot be made any changes to the shoe’s design. VIJZ is responsible for a donor shoe and the materials.

At VIJZ we are always open to collaborations between brands and organizations that suit our brand. Innovation and creativity are two core values that we constantly strive to pursue. In the past we have been working to projects with companies such as: The New Originals, Sneakerness and Vedett. For collaborations, contact can be made via info.vijz@gmail.com.

VIJZ only uses raw leather and exotic skins at the highest level. The material is of ethical origin supplied by our suppliers from all over the world. The natural material and shape are therefore subject to variations. Changes in the color or texture of the leather and signs of wear, are normal. Be careful if you wear non-colorfast clothing pants or socks that may contain dyes that can be transferred to our shoes. Although we treat our product with the greatest care, small dents, scratches or stains can be found in the material. This may be due to the irregularities in the skin of the animal (for example, veins or scars of the skin during its life or the tanning process).

Irregularities in the consistency of the tone of the leather, the stitching or the shape of each shoe should not be considered as a flaw but is equal to the natural properties of the premium materials we use and how each step of the manufacturing process 100 % is made by hand.

VIJZ uses men's sizes in all models. This applies to all shoes, unless stated otherwise. The shoes always have the same fit as the standard model. Therefore, always take the same size. A female customer must always first ask herself what the right size is for her.

All our products are made to order. As soon as an order has been placed and received, it is therefore impossible to reverse this. We cannot cancel your order or refund your payment afterwards. By making payment, you agree to our terms and conditions. Changing your mind, or an employee, family member or friend who has been purchased on your behalf with your payment details, is no excuse for a refund or cancellation, regardless of how quickly you informed us. The sale is final because we cannot put the edition on sale again because costs have already been incurred.

Under special circumstances, at our discretion and discretion, we will allow a partial refund in the form of a cancellation fee of 25% of the total amount charged. The balance must be fully repaid to the customer once he has agreed. This 25% is intended to cover part of the financial loss of a lost edition. As soon as a partial refund has been processed, the edition will be canceled.

When an order has been placed, the total amount must be paid 100% to start the process. If the amount has not been paid after 5 days, VIJZ has the right to cancel the order and to charge extra costs. This is 10% of the total purchase amount. These costs amount to, among other things, the calculated materials and prior actions that were put into operation immediately after placing the order. We accept the following payment options:
  • PayPal
  • iDeal
  • Bank transfer
All our international customers are responsible for their own customs fees. The amount of the customs fees depends on the stated retail value of the product on the shipping form. All shipments that are not mentioned on the modified form at full sales value are void for any postage insurance if the item is lost during transport. Only items that are submitted at full retail value have insurance coverage for the full value of the item. All shipping costs are for your own account.

It is the responsibility of the customer to fully state and verify the correct mailing address when placing an order. If changes need to be made to the contact details or shipping details, it must be communicated to us before the shipment. All shipments sent with PostNL are sent by registered mail within the Netherlands and are insured for the entire purchase amount. Shipments outside the Netherlands are insured up to € 250. If you choose to ship with FedEx, the package can be insured for the entire amount.

The following fixed prices apply to shipping:
Within The Netherlands
Within Europe
€35,- (FedEx €70,-)
Outside Europe
€45,- (FedEx €100,-)