'Back in 2013 I started restoring sneakers in my attic room. With VIJZ, which is based on my family name 'Van IJzendoorn', I wanted to bring old collector items back to life, which originated from an extraordinary passion for sneakers. After three years of refurbishing sneakers, my ambitions grew by the day and I wanted to develop myself. I decided to take a different path in which my creativity would be expressed even better. The craft of shoemaking in combination with entrepreneurship is still the foundation of my work on a daily basis.'

'I bought my first sewing machine by the end of 2017 and practiced day and night. By doing so, I was able to master the right technique. Shoes are so much more than just a necessary good for me. I see each shoe as an individual piece of art. Each pair of shoes is designed, developed and executed by myself. Love and especially attention to every detail make every pair of shoes unique. It is my dream to become a well-known name in the field of sustainable, unique and timeless sneakers in all imaginable models.'

Sam van IJzendoorn

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