VIJZ Leather paint is a specially developed paint for sneakers.
Due to the extensive experience with refurbishing and customizing sneakers, we finally developed a paint that is super flexible, waterproof and scratch resistant.
The paint has a very good hiding power and sometimes only one has to be applied in layers.

Up to now, the range consists of 18 basic colors that can be mixed together.
Soon the 18 basic colors will be supplemented with new color combinations.
These colors will be derived from well-known Nike air max models.
Like the color of the safari midsole that is now available.
For more information read our FAQ page, how do you have to repaint a few midsoles? How do you prepare the leather? And many more questions that we try to explain to you as clearly as possible.

VIJZ Leather paint Standard 30 ml

VIJZ Leather paint Standard 30 ml

Standard assortment with 18 different types of colors


VIJZ Collector Editions 30 ml

VIJZ Collector Editions 30 ml

Collector edition Leather Paint (Atmos, KRSS, Pink Powerwall)


VIJZ Leather paint 100 ml

VIJZ Leather paint 100 ml


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